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At Digital Camel, we specialize in locating exceptional tech talent, likening our approach to nomads traversing the digital desert TO BUILD TECH COMMUNITIES.

How are we different?

Whether you're a start-up taking its first steps or an established entity scaling new heights, Digital Camel's unique approach puts us in the center of the conversation with candidates from various background. This allows us to be Pro-active in our search for top talent!

What does this mean in theory?

As our backgrounds derive heavily in Tech we understand the origin's and journey a Data Engineer or Data Scientist must take to reach their career goals. This allows us to connect candidates to the right people, training courses and ultimately companies in a way that benefits both parties.

Our Tailored Approach

Each client we work with will receive an individually tailored approach to not only increase the chances of finding high quality talent, but also assess what work can be done to increase retention and further the development of their existing employees.

Our Promise

We beleive deeply in the value of being "Recruitment Nomads" who work tirelessly to find our clients the best candidates on the market. Our lean business model ensures that when you work with Digital Camel you're getting access to the best service possible and are guarunteed quality candidates!



Combined 20 years of experience partnering with startups, software houses, multinational firms as well as Digital Agencies hiring 100+ technical staff across multiple global offices.



Tailored to your specific needs, we will create a specific recruitment process to solve your recruitment challenges.



Expert knowledge of local and global markets gives us access to exclusive candidates,reducing your competition.



We prioritize seamlessly connecting you with top-tier talent while minimizing impediments to your business operations.


Leveraging our proven track record as top-performing recruitment consultants, we are thrilled to introduce our latest venture: Digital Camel

With a combined experience that spans 2 decades at the forefront of the recruitment industry

We bring a wealth of knowledge, unparalleled networks, and a unique, personalized approach to both companies and candidates.

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Jack Fearon


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Jack Lawson



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We’re looking for passionate individuals with a flair for identifying talent & opportunities

Team players who thrive in a collaborative & culture first environment

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Innovative thinkers who are eager to contribute Ideas and strategies to drive our company forward

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